warehousing & logistics

Profit from our well-established warehousing- and logistic- system. We offer the perfect logistic solution for wines, starting from the winery via our warehouse to our customers.

For our wine producing partners:

The high quality of the wines we sell, is as important to us as for the producers themselves. Therefore, we serve the most renowned international freight-partners to make sure, our wine will arrive in our warehouse in Europe in perfect conditions. We can offer a full service for the packed wines from being picked up at the winery, being load into the container and being shipped to Europe.
Our warehousing- and logistic partner is a leading international forwarding agent, located right in the centre of Europe in the town Straubing (Bavaria, South Germany). In the warehouse, the wine is stored in well-temperate and climatized storage halls without light so that the quality remains unchanged until delivery to the customers.

For our customers:

As our warehouse is located very centrally, right in the centre of Europe in the town Straubing in Bavaria, South Germany, we can wine get delivered to almost everywhere in Europe within few business days. The wines are in the perfectly adapted storage halls of our logistic partner until customers make an order. The well-established transportation- and logistic partners are able to deliver the wine quickly and for reasonable prices within shortest time to every local distributor of the different countries or customer himself.