south africa

South Africa South Africa is one of the oldest and most interesting oversea wine countries. Its viticulture history started about 350 years ago with vine plantings by French Huguenots in Franschhoek and a Dutch governor in Constantia. As early as in the late 18th century, the famous Muscat-based dessert wines of Constantia delighted European wine drinkers. After phylloxera, a long period of production of lower quality wines, dominated by cooperatives followed. Fortunately, after the era of Apartheid, South African wine producers started to get back to high quality wine production starting from the 1980s. Nowadays, you can find outstanding qualities of unique wines, which are often described as a mixture between European and New World styles. We talk about fantastically interpreted Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Bordeaux Blends with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, Syrah, but also the South African special variety Pinotage. South Africa's advantage is the dramatic variation of landscapes, soils and climates. From mountains to deserts, from limestone to granite, from very hot in the inlands to chilly at the Cape Region - key words Benguela current and 'Cape Doctor' wind - you can find almost everything. Dedicated wine producers find here a perfect basis to create a large amount of fantastic wine styles

Hill and Dale

Our story dates back to 2001 when our first vintage of Pinotage was created, and, together with the first Sauvignon blanc, released to the market in 2003. Our aim has always been to create a range of authentic wines which portray not only the inherent qualities of the Stellenbosch fruit from which they stem, but also the friendliness and character of the people who influence their crafting. Paramount in the qualities inherent in the wines is accessibility - both in character and affordability and, to this end, we strive to maintain the classic qualities of fine wines, while not avoiding the trends in modern winemaking and enjoyment. With a full range of eight wines, we believe that there is a Hill&Dale wine for most people and for most occasions, and, in our endeavour to deliver accessible Stellenbosch quality, we hope that you’ll agree once you’ve experienced them.

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