Australian viticulture tradition started in the late 18th century initiated by European settlers. Wine exports, especially to the UK, had a long tradition. The production of modern quality wine as known today however started in the 1970ies. Australia nowadays is famous for deeply coloured rich and fruit driven red wines, with Shiraz leading the way, further Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot but also a range of white varieties as Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Sémillon or Riesling. In recent times the Australian wine producers love to experiment with various local European grape varieties which include Grüner Veltliner, Nebbiolo, Tempranillo or Barbera. As it is very hot in most regions of Australia, viticulture is mainly focused on the Southern and South Western Coastal Regions. Here you can find various climate zones from cool as in Tasmania or Adelaide Hills to quite warm as in the Riverlands. These differences combined with the various soils as limestone, phylloxera-free sandy soils or unique terra rossa loam support a great range of wine styles.


MEET ANGUS the BULL: When it comes to winemaking, our philosophy is to make the absolute, hands-down perfect accompaniment for a prime piece of beef. Every year we work with our growers across Central Victoria with this in mind, hand selecting premium parcels of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. Our multi-vineyard approach allows us to deliver our signature style. This creates the best possible blend for that satisfying moment when Angus the Bull meets red meat in your mouth. So what should you expect when this glorious moment happens? A wine of intense colour with bright purple hues. Aromas of ripe black fruits, rich dark chocolate and subtle vanillin oak. And a full bodied palate characterised by firm tannins with a savoury, masculine finish. IN


Claymore wines began in 1997; now celebrating 20 years of production, what began as a passionate diversion has grown into a serious boutique business producing in excess of 20,000 cases of premium Clare Valley wine each year. Claymore Wines draws fruit from its five premium estate owned vineyards at Penwortham (the backbone of our red wine production) and Watervale (home to our Joshua Tree vineyard). These sites have been specifically chosen for their suitability for our staple varieties – Shiraz, Riesling, Grenache and Cabernet Sauvignon. The songs, albums and artists referenced on our labels are those that resonate beyond their time, across generations and have become something of modern classics…. we hold similar aspirations for our range of wines.


The Hesketh Wine Company is a small, family owned producer of high quality, yet accessible wines. We work with our own growers and process our own wines like traditional wineries. But rather than attempt to be all things to all people from one region, our approach is to remain focused on the individual strengths of different South Australian growing regions. Specific vineyards – Each wine is either made from a single vineyard or sourced from a small selection of specific vineyards in each region. Fruit comes from both our own vineyards in Coonawarra and the Barossa Valley, as well as from specialised local growers. Winery – Hesketh wines are made at our facility in the Barossa Valley by our winemakers Phil Lehmann and Charlie Ormsby. House style – Wines are made to a 'Hesketh' style, which is based on balance and complexity but more importantly, 'drinkability'. Wines with generous flavours and aromatics, which also retain a sense of place – wines which reflect the vineyards they are grown in. Follow your own path. Eat well. Drink well.

Longview Vineyard

Longview is a stunning, family-owned Adelaide Hills single vineyard located just outside the historic township of Macclesfield. Set on undulating slopes reminiscent of Old World estates but with a clear Australian accent. Longview has quickly established itself as one of the most awarded vineyards in the region since its first vintage in 2001. Brothers Mark and Peter Saturno oversee operations, along with a small but specialised team. They ensure the vineyard is fastidiously managed to produce the finest fruit for their premium estate grown wines. As well as providing a wine tourism experience that has placed Longview in the South Australian Tourism ‘Hall of Fame’.


The Maxwell family are fourth generation bred in McLaren Vale, so there was never any doubt what field Mark Maxwell would earn his living in. It would be a field filled with vines. Carved into a limestone hill at the heart of McLaren Vale and etched into its history is the winery, meadery and restaurant he built with seductive locations for spectacular occasions: a tribute to one man’s vision and tenacity. Concentrated, robust and characterful: the quality of Maxwell wines is reflected in the qualities of the winemaker. But that shouldn’t be surprising. Because the man who still makes every wine is the same man who designed our winery and grew the vines. So, when we say every wine is Maxwell-made, it’s because they’re made with one man’s vision and longstanding commitment to excellence. Since 1979, Mark Maxwell has come to understand the unique terroir of our limestone hill. And extract every characteristic nuance for every estate wine, regardless of price. Little wonder James Halliday noted our consistent excellence – in red wines particularly – and accorded us his five red-star rating.

St. Johns Road

St John's Road is more than simply a name or a label; it is the collaboration of three important elements – People, Places and Time. It is the dirt the grapes are grown on. Not simply Barossa dirt, but the sub-regions of the Barossa where our fruit is grown. Ebenezer, Koonunga, Moppa, Maranaga, Greenock, Bethany, High Eden, Stockwell. All of which produce their own unique flavour profile. It's not simply the sub-regional footprint. It's the generations of traditional Barossa growers who understand their blocks intimately. Knowledge that is only garnered by working with their vineyards for decades, and passing on knowledge from generation to generation. Kalleske, Tscharke, Hoffman, John, Zander, Riley, Murray, Hearnden, Hampel. Lehmann. It's not just the traditional Barossa family growers. It's also our Barossa winemakers. Lehmann, Ormsby, Lienert. Winemakers who are not only incredibly skilled, but who are able to work hand-in-glove with our growers and understand the region intimately. Winemakers who combine this knowledge with their winemaking skills to produce the best possible results. Our wines ultimately represent generations of knowledge, hard work and experience; principles that go into every bottle of wine that we make and every glass of St John’s Road that we share.

Toppers Mountain

Topper’s Mountain unique terroir arises from its high altitude location on the western edge of the Great Dividing Range and deep, volcanic (Krasnozem) soils. The New England area, recognised as an exciting new wine producing region, is in fact a re-emerging wine region with an interesting history. Grape growing in the region dates back as far as the first settlers. The New England area is unlike any other grape growing region in Australia. This is due the region’s high altitude (with a good number of vineyards above 1000m), cool climate and soils and topography highly suited to premium wine (grape) production. Mark Kirkby established the current vineyard between 1998 and 2002, with his wife, Stephanie and three daughters. Over more than a decade, Mark, in close collaboration with winemaker Mike Hayes, has established a vineyard packed with exciting alternative varieties that revel in their terroir. The wines are made by Mike Hayes, a winemaker in the Granite Belt region just over the state border in Queensland. Mike is known for his passion for integrating viticultural & winemaking techniques. Combining old and new world wine techniques, less intrusive winemaking techniques and the wild yeast from the vineyard, the grapes can truly express their varietal characteristics and local terroir. Topper`s Mountain vision is to make wines that sing of whence they come. The wines are all Single Estate, meaning that only grapes grown at Topper’s are used to make the wine which eventually fills the bottles. So, when wines & styles are planned, Mike’s vast experience from all over Australia’s wine regions and his feel for the subtle dance of nature that coaxes the soil, the climate, the fruit & the yeasts to co-operate towards the final wine in the bottle, keeps Topper´s vision on track.

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