Florian Berger, a former business consultant, decided to use his economic knowledge in a product he can identify with. While living in New Zealand for a few years, he found more than pleasure in the New Zealand landscape and it's friendly people. He started a wine export business as he experienced that this country could provide unique wines that were in vast parts of the world widely unknown.
Meanwhile he carried this business back to Europe, to be closer to the customers and to be able to operate in more than one country. His international experience, after travelling in- and extensively all his live and working in international consulting business, proofs to be quite helpful.
Florian is responsible for the product selection, information policy and acts the marketing and sales supervisor. He is the creative motor of wine in motion.

Thomas Mittelberger, founded and managed a computer company, a power plant and other company projects for many years before he finally decided he should work with a product he really likes: wine.
Being a perfectionist, he created an organisation without breaks or gaps. Fully functional, efficient and structured, wim is prepared for any development. Our computer system allows us to have an immediate access to our warehouses in different countries and can be switched to an internet based sales and order system in no time.
Thomas is responsible for the flow of the enterprise. He is the organiser, setting milestones for efficiency of a fluent organisation. Both are hands-on-the-job people, hardly resting before they see any significant result for all the involved parties.

Waltraud Fremdling, takes care of the financial and administrative health of wine-in-motion.

wim Vision & Mission

wim is agent, importer and distributor of wines with an innovative touch. Giving outstanding, but not yet known products the place they deserve, is our passion.
wim links customers and suppliers of hard-to-get-wines. We make difficult environment accessible and let distances disappear.

wim provides wines with outstanding price-quality ratio. Not a famous name, but the potential behind a producer and it's produce is our strength.
wim hand-tailors strategies for customers and suppliers under efficiency and profitability points of view. We create the fit between the parties.

wim corporate culture:
wim is under the spell of wine

The assets of wine as a product influence our corporate culture strongly. Wine is not like any product, it is manifested by a lot factors we are not necessarily able to control:

Brand - the wine interacts strongly with its brand, they build on each other.

Nature wine is the fruit of nature and therefore depending on general weather pattern, the season, wind, sun, rain, soil etc. Unpredictable conditions we are the victims of.

Sweat there is so much effort in getting a few litres of a liquid out of a mulish kind of a plant.

Culture maybe the great Greek philosophy wouldn't have been born without a few good amphorae of wine. It played its role throughout the world history.

Emotions just have a look at the fights so-called wine experts are willing to carry out over a glass of Pinot Noir.

We shall not forget that we are all living in one world, all depending on a fragile system that responds to our activities. Therefore we support environmental standards to improve the viticulture, making and distribution of wine as well as the recycling of the packaging material.

Wim corporate design
wine in motion stands for dynamics, movement,
Motion: our wine moves

  • from down under to Europe
  • from the soil to the destination
  • from the shelf to the consumer
  • and not finally: it moves peoples emotions

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